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Working Towards Sustainable Change Together

Our Founders have always advocated the need to work towards a goal that extends well beyond just financial success. They believe that money is just a by-product when people work towards creating a lasting change in the world. These ideals have grown to become the lifeblood of the RYTHM Foundation, the social impact initiative of the QI Group.

RYTHM Foundation invests in the communities in which we operate through strategic partnerships, employee volunteering, and community service. The Foundation is guided by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which provide the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.

The QNET family is bound together by the concept of RYTHM:

– Raise Yourself To Help Mankind –

This is our purpose

RYTHM is an inherent part of QNET’s DNA


QNET Employees donate a minimum of 16 hours to volunteering  in their local community. These volunteering initiatives range from beach cleaning and tree planting to food distribution to the homeless, helping with cleaning and painting homes for the elderly, and working with children with special needs.



The QNET team, together with our local Independant Representatives planted 1000 trees in Baku, Azerbaijan

QNET staff help feed the poor and elderly at Soup Kitchens in Vietnam.

QNET’s team in Thailand cleans temples in the local community.

QNET’s team in Turkey donate books to disadvantaged children

QNET’s team in Hong Kong help keep our oceans clean by clearing trash from local beaches. 

QNET Deputy chairperson Malou Caluza leads a team of IRs and employees in clearing over 40 bags of trash at lake Parhach in Almaty, Kazakhstan

QNET employes teach English to disadvantaged children in Hong Kong


All our efforts towards helping the communities in which we live and do business in, fall under three major areas aligned with the SDGs.


We believe that education is the catalyst for social transformation. Every child must be given equal access and opportunity to knowledge and learning to unlock their potential.


When women and men enjoy equal opportunity across all levels, it is themeasure of aprogressive society.


Sustainability is important for environmental, social, and economic reasons. It is at the heart of everything we do at the QNET.

Every year, around 8 billion kilogrammes of plastic waste enters the oceans

At QNET, we have decided to say  NO to PLASTIC! 

As of 2020 we have ceased the use of SINGLE USE  PLASTIC in all our offices

We aim to go completely plastic free by 2025!

Celebrating RYTHM

QNET works closely with the RYTHM Foundation on a number of projects in developing countries around the globe to make a tangible difference in the local communities there.

QNET believes in not just writing a cheque, but getting involved and working towards sustainable change together.

For more information on projects supported by QNET through RYTHM Foundation, please visit the website.

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